Raw Sugar No. 1 – Featuring PLG’s MEW

On Saturday Sept. 10 Sugar Press Publishing presented the opening of Raw Sugar No. 1 at Fathom Gallery located in the heart of DTLA at the California Market Center. An art Exhibition featuring the work of many artists including PLG Agent/Artist MEW (Matthew Weinberg @matthewweinberg ). MEW creates “Urban Pop Art”, like drawing KISS (the band) faces on $100 bills, turning them into large prints and selling them to Rock Stars (literally). They are indeed unforgettable!


At Raw Sugar No. 1 you can find 10 original MEW pieces hanging alongside some iconic pop artists! The complete list of participating artists: Colette Miller @colettemillerwings , Andre Miripolsky @andremiripolskyart , Bisco Smith @biscosmith , Matthew Heller @helloheller , Rohitash Rao @rohit913 , Sarah Stone @sarahstoneart , Shplinton @shplinton , Timothy Robert Smith @timothyrobertsmith , Kate Carvellas @katecarvellas , Larry Lott , Ashley Payne @ashleypayneart , Issy , Erin Yoshi @erinyoshi , Raphaele Cohen-Bacry , Raul de la Torre @rauldelatorreart , Paul Juno @pauljunoart , and Andrea Bogdan @andreabogdanartist.

Colette Miller’s “The Global Angel Wings Project” (Spirit Paintings) can now be discovered all over the world, transforming normal pedestrians into transcendent creatures of fantasy. Lifting spirits one wall at a time. Bisco Smith’s black and white graffiti murals have popped up all over LA recently within the last couple of years, and have already become a Los Angeles staple. He contrasts legendary people from artists to activists with his almost subliminal graphic messages. “The World is Yours for the Changing” an excerpt from his most recent mural titled “The World Is Yours” in Johannesburg, South Africa 2016.
“Maestro of his Kingdom of Color; the Cole Porter of Pop” Andre Miripolsky’s work is outstanding to say the least. You may not know it, but his choice of hyper-hue’s add vibrance to your life in the form of murals, billboard ads, and double decker bus’ you can’t miss if you live in LA.

Rohitash Rao get’s MEW’s personal shout out. A true multi-media-faceted artist. The best way to describe his art is that it’s almost too hip to describe. When he’s not directing commercials, customizing your local electrical box’s, or placing doll hands in inconspicuous creepy doorways, he paints on trash. One of Rao’s freshest pieces is a basic painted portrait. An outline of a girls face and hair with the words “PRETEND I’M YOUR PHONE and LOOK at ME” written in the place of a face. His website http://www.RohitashRaoPaintsOnTrash.com kind of says it all.

I could go on and on about all of these artists however, Art is meant to be experienced! If you missed the opening on Sept.10th, 2016, Raw Sugar No. 1 will reside at Fathom to view until the closing celebration, that you are all invited to attend with RSVP, on Oct. 22nd, 2016.