BACKSTAGE PASS #30 – “Backstage at Coachella Festival 2017” – The Vlog of a Real Estate Dude

Backstage Pass #30 “Backstage at Coachella Festival 2017

Well this is the BSP we have been waiting for as we actually get to go backstage at one of the worlds premiere music festivals located not so far from Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley. Join me as I experience the festival for the very first time and soak in all the sights and sounds of this peculiar and spectacular event. Strap up and let’s hit the scene together and let’s see if we make it out alive….. enjoy my day at Coachella 2017!!


BACKSTAGE PASS #29 – OUR FIRST Q & A EPISODE – Business Development & Real Estate Tips and Tricks

BACKSTAGE PASS #29 – BY POPULAR REQUEST OUR FIRST Q & A – This weeks BSP is our very first Q & A, we have been hit up by lots of our peeps and it’s our way to say thank you and we hear you ergo here is a longer BSP than usual as I do my best to meander through the delightful questions sent in. Which include….

What camera and lens do you recommend?
Is Snapchat dead?
What software do you recommend to edit?
When attracting agents what’s most important stats or culture?
Is it beneficial to hire a coach?

Amongst others. Strap in and grab a latte and enjoy our inaugural Questions and Answers Show.