“You’ll love how XOXO the movie makes you feel” and the “XOXO’s”

I’ve been looking for a positive word to describe the sensation similar to chills running through your body.  When you get this feeling of excitement, your heart begins to race, you feel a wave of energy rush through your body… I just can’t seem to find the right word!  From now on I’m going to call this sensation the “XOXO’s”.

At 12am midnight August 26th, the Netflix original movie XOXO was officially released!!  What is XOXO?  Well in the movie, XOXO is a huge, present day, festival-style Rave.  A premiere party screening was held last night at the Harmony Gold Theatre in West Hollywood; rave attire strongly suggested!  Glow jewelry and multi-color blinking LED foam light sticks printed with XOXO Netfilx logos were placed in the hands of each attendee.  Every seat was filled with cast, crew, and friends, some donning glitter sequins and platform shoes, glow sticks in hand, waiting on the edge of their seats in anticipation!  Lights down and the party begins.  Immediately, when the first heavy beat drops on the soundtrack supervised by the legendary Pete Tong, I’m hit with the first wave of “XOXO’s”.  Repeated waves of the “XOXO’s” continue throughout the movie triggered by bass drops in the impressive soundtrack including an all time favorite track by Disclosure “You and Me” – Flume remix.  The teaser campaign “You’ll love how XOXO the movie makes you feel” is the truth.  Watching XOXO is like going to a nice beach with hot looking people, jumping in the water, enjoying the movement of the ocean waves (sometimes unpredictable and challenging but nothing too crazy), coming out with a smile and sparkling with water droplets on your body.  Ya, that’s it.  It’s also got so many fun levels of character development that every generation of party-goer, “raver” can relate to, styled in a millennial EDM fashion.  You do not by any means however need to be a furry, glitter covered, light up shoe shuffling, neon bead wearing EDM fan to feel the “XOXO’s”.  The feeling is relative to all as it is that same sensation you get when you experience anything new, fresh, unpredictable and exciting for the first time.  The best part is you can check it out right now on Netflix and decide for yourself if you “love how XOXO the movie makes you feel” and see if you get the “XOXO’s” as well.

Directed by Christopher Louie

Written by Dylan Meyer

Music Supervision Pete Tong

Check XOXO the movie OUT on Netflix NOW!