BACKSTAGE PASS #27 – Top 3 LENS’ & CAMERA FOR REAL ESTATE VLOGGING – Real Estate Tips & Techniques

BACKSTAGE PASS #27 – Top 3 Lens’ & Camera for Real Estate Blogging is a complete nerd out on what has taken Peter a LONG time to discover, which is the best rig for his real estate flavored vlogging exploits. However, the rig works equally well for vloggers filming in other styles and genres too. Peter breaks down the system he is now in LOVE with and why…….Enjoy!!

BACKSTAGE PASS #21 | It Never Rains in Southern California??!? | Behind the Scenes

Backstage Pass this week is a testament to Judy how spoiled we are in Los Angeles with the weather because a rainstorm is vlog worthy. Angelenos are not known for mad skillz on the road in the wet plus we even had one collapse. Join Peter as he persists through the precipitation to hit Skirball Sessions which is a monthly real estate think tank before finally conceding to the Gods of clouds and scurrying to warmer, dryer and higher ground.