Backstage Pass #23 – Homes of Hope – Building a Brighter Future One House at a Time – Giving Back

Backstage Pass #23 is a little different from our usual flavor as the focus of this film is an institution named “Homes of Hope” ( One of our PLG agents, Dan Rascon, had quietly been working on this project in the background and once we discovered this we all were overwhelmed with a sense of wanting to bring such an important idea more into the spotlight. Dan, and Homes of Hope, use their own money to build a home in Mexico for an underprivileged family who are struggling to make ends meet. This is Dans 5th year and 5th home so we could not be more proud and wanted to share the amazing story of Homes of Hope and Dan with you.

If you would like to get involved with Homes please follow the link below. Please let us know your comments and thanks for watching.

BACKSTAGE PASS #21 | It Never Rains in Southern California??!? | Behind the Scenes

Backstage Pass this week is a testament to Judy how spoiled we are in Los Angeles with the weather because a rainstorm is vlog worthy. Angelenos are not known for mad skillz on the road in the wet plus we even had one collapse. Join Peter as he persists through the precipitation to hit Skirball Sessions which is a monthly real estate think tank before finally conceding to the Gods of clouds and scurrying to warmer, dryer and higher ground.

BACKSTAGE PASS #19 | Some Developers are Humans Too | Behind the Scenes

BACKSTAGE PASS #19 – “Some Developers are Human Too” Its generally the public perception that most developers are bloodsucking vampires that will devour unsuspecting purchasers of new construction homes. In this episode we meet Rob Anderson who is a local Eastside Los Angeles developer who is ethos is firmly rooted in delivering the best possible product for a fair price. What a concept??!! Rob represents the “new breed” of builder, join us as he and his agent Peter Tomlinson share thoughts on a magnificent modern just hitting the market in Silver Lake.

BACKSTAGE PASS #15 – Holiday Special – PLG Estates Party including Santa, Sledding, Snow in LA

Backstage Pass #15 – Holiday Special – The Backstage Pass episode this week is a very special, end of year chaotic bonanza. A few days ago we had the heavily alcohol dowsed PLG Estates party and it was a rather colorful event featuring real snow, sledding, Santa, Dickens dinner and barrels & barrels more. Join us as we prepare and enjoy the Holiday party in our formidable balls to the wall style and above all else MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at PLG and we look forward to joyous, healthy and prosperous 2017 with all of you…and yes…the SHALL be more videos than EVER in the new year!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!