Breaking down TRID. How does it affect Agents and Clients? | Magic Minute | Real Estate Tips

Money Minute — Breaking down TRID and how it affects agents and clients. Trid is a new banking system that has the potential to add delays to mortgage approvals rather than the system we have in place now. In this video we attempt to breakdown some of the latest developments in the banking industry. Please send any thoughts or questions and we will do our best to ping you back quickly.

SLACK, could this app replace workplace emails? | Tech Minute | Real Estate Tips

More than just another messaging app, Slacks playful design, attention to detail and its abundant features provide users with an incomparable experience.

With over 2 million daily users, the fastest-growing workplace software has many features to make workplace emails nearly obsolete. From emailing, instant messaging, group chat, file sharing, content searching and integration with several platforms you may already use, Slack puts all your tools in one place making life a little “less busy.” We are big fans of all things tech and we would love to hear from you too.