Momed Beverly Hills | Magic Minute | Restaurant Review

We LOVE Mediterranean food over at PLG and fortunately our Beverly Hills office has a FAB Med restaurant right up the block named Mohmed. There are a couple of Mohmed restaurants in LA at least and the fare that they provide is fresh, tasty and above all else healthy. So we thought why not do a PLG review so the rest of the world can learn about about secret little Mediterranean up the block. Enjoy!!

The Bellwether – Studio City | Magic Minute | Restaurant Review

Edgy, Studio City restaurant The Bellwether marks the debut of Father’s Office veterans Chef Ted Hopson and Ann-Marie Verdi.

Situated on Ventura Blvd, The Bellwether features international, sharable cuisine from the Middle East, Thailand, Italy and beyond. In addition to its flavorful dishes the menu also features research and development dishes dubbed works in progress.