Booze, Movies and a Giant Slice of Cake? – Los Feliz’ ‘Alcove’s’ Outdoor Cinematic Experience – Mon Aug 15th

Did you know…?

If you live in the Los Feliz area you probably know about Alcove Cafe & Bakery.   They have fresh healthy food, strong and smooth cold brew, and devilishly-tempting completely-delectable desserts!! (insert heart eyes and bawling emojis).   This breezy Cafe, with all of it’s tasty options and comfortable patio seating, also holds a hidden gem.  Big Bar.  Big Bar is a fully stocked bar with specialty drinks and 1900 turn of the century retro charm, inside of Alcove.  Happy hour (Check this Menu → Mon- Fri 2-7pm open until 12am, and weekends ‘til 1am!  Though this is REALLY awesome, classy and convenient, did you know that Alcove and Big Bar also has “Dinner & a Movie”?  In the Summer, Alcove and Big Bar have a monthly outdoor movie night called “Dinner & a Movie”, for the whole family, with themed drink and dinner specials under the twinkling lights in the outdoor patio.  To top it off, this Monday August 15th is the next monthly movie night showing The Royal Tenenbaums. Seating starts at 6pm and the movie begins at 8pm.  I don’t even have to think about this one –  I’m there and have already created a FB event to invite my friends.  Does it get any better than that?  Next time you’re in the #Eastside hood of Los Feliz wave over at PLG Estates Eastside from the street, take a peek inside Alcove and Big Bar… and we’ll see you there this Monday at 8pm for movie night!


Patio Covers can be Cool Too….

 We have a mid century home coming up for sale in Los Feliz and our sellers wanted us to give the yard a redesign with a cool looking patio cover. So we set to task finding the right look that complimented the home and that it made a statement in its own right. The point of the project was to bring focus to an area that had been somewhat neglected. We searched high and low for inspiration to make sure we obsessively had the highest and best for our clients and then we found this little beauty in one of the magazines and books we were searching through. It possesses EXACTLY the right amount of Mid Century authenticity with its lines and horizontal motifs, it brings a sexiness to the yard that was desired and finally, YES once we penciled it out it fits into budget YEAH! So she will be built and will be inspired by this blessed photo and we are all convinced it will be a roaring success. Hopefully so will the buyers! 

Aaron and Sam – This is Why we do this Shit!!

Meet Aaron and Sam, simply put, two of the nicest (and coolest) clients PLG Estates -Eastside has the honor of working with. Here they are wide eyed and buzzing around uber Trendy Highland Park in search of “The One” and by golly I think we found it lurking down a backstreet and hidden from popular view was a Goddess of divine beauty with all the proverbial “Bells and Whistels” one could expect from said Goddess.

MORE importantly are Aaron and Sam!

There is nothing quite like that glint in a buyers eye when you feel they have played the card “We trust you, guide us”. It’s like a first kiss or a super chilled German Lager poured in a frosty glass on a hot Summers day after running..well….you get the picture and endless other analogies I could use. The point is, its a damn important moment! It makes you want to charge into battle, sword raised high, to seek only the highest and best results humanly possible. It puts a spring in ones step and pride in your heart, in the knowledge another human (or two) has placed their interests in your hands. With PLG, their trust is not misplaced, but graciously accepted, not in a hokey and corny way but in the way that we are now allies on a sometimes bumpy journey. Knowing we got your guys back(s) is an unspoken yet volumous statement that never needs to be uttered just felt. That, my dears, is the PLG way, and frankly the only way in our opinion, AND this is WHY we do this shit!!

Pix and words by Peter Lorimer

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