MARU in old Korean language means mountain top.  “…because good coffee grows in high elevation” says co-owner Jacob Park.  Jacob’s Korean name is MinKyu he moved to the states from South Korea 15 years ago for golf, and became the Junior golf champion at the prodigious age of 12.  A self proclaimed “bad kid” through his teen years, who “didn’t like school”.   Jacob teamed up with David Kim, a former bank manager from Seattle with a keen business sense, and an investor Amy to open MARU.

I would define MARU as fresh minimal modern #2016.  Serving clean coffee like single origin organic cold brew.  (MMMMMaru!)  Ever since its soft opening in early October, MARU has been comfortably full of hip, local, Los Feliz creative business types of all ages.  The atmosphere attracts the exact kind of person you would think to find in this minimal-modern, clean-coffee, #2016, coffee shop.  You will often find customers working, or openly having semi-intimate conversation with a close friend or significant other.  This to me, is the epitome of the progressive Eastside lifestyle.  

Though the decor is minimal with air plants, square wooden benches, tables, and countertops; what I love about MARU is that it has a warm hearted “Seoul” (pun intended) about it.  White walls embrace the fervor Park and Kim have invested, filling this space of modernity, with the feeling of home.  

MARU sits right beside PLG Estates Eastside at 1936 Hillhurst Ave. and you can’t miss the bold black logo on the white storefront.  (ALMOST as bold as our PLG sign… almost.)  They have delicious coffee and tea drinks, and decorate the milky ones with “Latte Art” adding to the warm fuzzies!  To top it off if you work locally, you get a 10% discount, a nice gesture for neighborhood coffee lovers like myself.

The Bellwether – Studio City | Magic Minute | Restaurant Review

Edgy, Studio City restaurant The Bellwether marks the debut of Father’s Office veterans Chef Ted Hopson and Ann-Marie Verdi.

Situated on Ventura Blvd, The Bellwether features international, sharable cuisine from the Middle East, Thailand, Italy and beyond. In addition to its flavorful dishes the menu also features research and development dishes dubbed works in progress.