MARU in old Korean language means mountain top.  “…because good coffee grows in high elevation” says co-owner Jacob Park.  Jacob’s Korean name is MinKyu he moved to the states from South Korea 15 years ago for golf, and became the Junior golf champion at the prodigious age of 12.  A self proclaimed “bad kid” through his teen years, who “didn’t like school”.   Jacob teamed up with David Kim, a former bank manager from Seattle with a keen business sense, and an investor Amy to open MARU.

I would define MARU as fresh minimal modern #2016.  Serving clean coffee like single origin organic cold brew.  (MMMMMaru!)  Ever since its soft opening in early October, MARU has been comfortably full of hip, local, Los Feliz creative business types of all ages.  The atmosphere attracts the exact kind of person you would think to find in this minimal-modern, clean-coffee, #2016, coffee shop.  You will often find customers working, or openly having semi-intimate conversation with a close friend or significant other.  This to me, is the epitome of the progressive Eastside lifestyle.  

Though the decor is minimal with air plants, square wooden benches, tables, and countertops; what I love about MARU is that it has a warm hearted “Seoul” (pun intended) about it.  White walls embrace the fervor Park and Kim have invested, filling this space of modernity, with the feeling of home.  

MARU sits right beside PLG Estates Eastside at 1936 Hillhurst Ave. and you can’t miss the bold black logo on the white storefront.  (ALMOST as bold as our PLG sign… almost.)  They have delicious coffee and tea drinks, and decorate the milky ones with “Latte Art” adding to the warm fuzzies!  To top it off if you work locally, you get a 10% discount, a nice gesture for neighborhood coffee lovers like myself.

Raw Sugar No. 1 – Featuring PLG’s MEW

On Saturday Sept. 10 Sugar Press Publishing presented the opening of Raw Sugar No. 1 at Fathom Gallery located in the heart of DTLA at the California Market Center. An art Exhibition featuring the work of many artists including PLG Agent/Artist MEW (Matthew Weinberg @matthewweinberg ). MEW creates “Urban Pop Art”, like drawing KISS (the band) faces on $100 bills, turning them into large prints and selling them to Rock Stars (literally). They are indeed unforgettable!


At Raw Sugar No. 1 you can find 10 original MEW pieces hanging alongside some iconic pop artists! The complete list of participating artists: Colette Miller @colettemillerwings , Andre Miripolsky @andremiripolskyart , Bisco Smith @biscosmith , Matthew Heller @helloheller , Rohitash Rao @rohit913 , Sarah Stone @sarahstoneart , Shplinton @shplinton , Timothy Robert Smith @timothyrobertsmith , Kate Carvellas @katecarvellas , Larry Lott , Ashley Payne @ashleypayneart , Issy , Erin Yoshi @erinyoshi , Raphaele Cohen-Bacry , Raul de la Torre @rauldelatorreart , Paul Juno @pauljunoart , and Andrea Bogdan @andreabogdanartist.

Colette Miller’s “The Global Angel Wings Project” (Spirit Paintings) can now be discovered all over the world, transforming normal pedestrians into transcendent creatures of fantasy. Lifting spirits one wall at a time. Bisco Smith’s black and white graffiti murals have popped up all over LA recently within the last couple of years, and have already become a Los Angeles staple. He contrasts legendary people from artists to activists with his almost subliminal graphic messages. “The World is Yours for the Changing” an excerpt from his most recent mural titled “The World Is Yours” in Johannesburg, South Africa 2016.
“Maestro of his Kingdom of Color; the Cole Porter of Pop” Andre Miripolsky’s work is outstanding to say the least. You may not know it, but his choice of hyper-hue’s add vibrance to your life in the form of murals, billboard ads, and double decker bus’ you can’t miss if you live in LA.

Rohitash Rao get’s MEW’s personal shout out. A true multi-media-faceted artist. The best way to describe his art is that it’s almost too hip to describe. When he’s not directing commercials, customizing your local electrical box’s, or placing doll hands in inconspicuous creepy doorways, he paints on trash. One of Rao’s freshest pieces is a basic painted portrait. An outline of a girls face and hair with the words “PRETEND I’M YOUR PHONE and LOOK at ME” written in the place of a face. His website kind of says it all.

I could go on and on about all of these artists however, Art is meant to be experienced! If you missed the opening on Sept.10th, 2016, Raw Sugar No. 1 will reside at Fathom to view until the closing celebration, that you are all invited to attend with RSVP, on Oct. 22nd, 2016.

Whatever your “Art” Desires

Labor Day is officially behind us, and you better not be caught wearing white shoes! (Lol. Is that even a thing anymore?) Back to the grind, computer screens and fax machines. Luckily, the Holiday has made this week a short one. Though it seems like Summer is over, we technically have until the clock strikes 10:21am on September 22nd, 2016. So, get behind me Starbucks with today’s release of your deliciously tempting Pumpkin Spice latte. I’ll be drinkin’… watermelon, on a rooftop, poolside, while listening to Tame Impala in a bathing suit until my skin turns blue from the cold. Who am I fooling? This is Los Angeles, the land of sunshine and palm trees where cold weather is a myth. “Que lastima!”
I always find on these post holiday weeks that one can get a little restless to get out of the house or office, but not necessarily go “out”. I’ve got the perfect compromise. This Thursday September 8th, is the 2nd Thursday of the month which means it’s the Downtown Art Walk! The Downtown Art Walk is a nonprofit organization created to stimulate the community, culturally and economically. Most of the “walk” happens around Spring and Main streets between 2nd and 9th, 6-10pm. However, there is a lot of activity off of the beaten path as well (Find up to date Openings and Exhibitions on the “Curate LA” app!) .

An anticipated opening this Thursday is Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA Presents Peter Hutton In Memory, opening at 7pm $12 admission / $7 students. Peter Hutton was a true artist, cinematographer, and filmmaker known for capturing breathtaking city and land -scapes on film, and presenting them in silence. With over 30 open galleries in the central walk area, including restaurants and nightlife to follow… Get out this Thursday! Put on those white shoes! Get ‘em dirty and paint Downtown whatever color your “Art” desires.




Curate LA app

Speaking of Art →

This Saturday Sept 10th our very own MEW (Matthew Weinberg) is showing at:

Raw Sugar No. 1

Are You Cool Enough?? To Attend the 5th Echo Park Rising August 18 – 21

If you happen to be on the Eastside in Echo Park this weekend you will see hundreds of people walking the streets in and out of restaurants, bars and venues.  Well, find yourself a parking spot or hop out of your uber/lyft to join them!

This weekend is the 5th annual Echo Park Rising!


Echo Park Rising is 3 day crawl of live music played in stores, coffee shops, bars, streets, and venues along about a 1 mile stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park.  Events start as early as 10am this Thursday, August 18 and continue through to Sunday August 21st until after 12am!  Catch some interesting and popular, local and touring, talent you may or may not be aware of.  Don’t be afraid to sweat it out while you skip in and out of doors along Sunset as you won’t be alone.  With over 200 bands there will be plenty to see and you will most likely run into old friends, and will probably make some new ones!  If you need a break you could always hit Taco Zone or Lassen’s salad bar and walk one block away to the park for a picnic in the shade at Echo Park Lake.  Admire the super-rare slightly-stolen heirloom lotus flowers on a chill pedal-boat ride and don’t forget to snap a mandatory fountain-in-the-background selfie.  You may catch a rainbow!  I almost forgot to mention that it’s FREE and ALL AGES! Pokemon GO if you must to see live music, shop, eat, and have a drink (or two)!  I mean, get exercise while partying…?  That’s about as “LA” as it gets.

Bands to look out for :

Bleached : Sat 8:50pm – Liberty Stage

Feels : Sat 6:10pm Liberty Stage 

Laura Jean Anderson : Sun 6:40pm The Whisperer

Echo Park Rising Aug. 18 – 21






Booze, Movies and a Giant Slice of Cake? – Los Feliz’ ‘Alcove’s’ Outdoor Cinematic Experience – Mon Aug 15th

Did you know…?

If you live in the Los Feliz area you probably know about Alcove Cafe & Bakery.   They have fresh healthy food, strong and smooth cold brew, and devilishly-tempting completely-delectable desserts!! (insert heart eyes and bawling emojis).   This breezy Cafe, with all of it’s tasty options and comfortable patio seating, also holds a hidden gem.  Big Bar.  Big Bar is a fully stocked bar with specialty drinks and 1900 turn of the century retro charm, inside of Alcove.  Happy hour (Check this Menu → Mon- Fri 2-7pm open until 12am, and weekends ‘til 1am!  Though this is REALLY awesome, classy and convenient, did you know that Alcove and Big Bar also has “Dinner & a Movie”?  In the Summer, Alcove and Big Bar have a monthly outdoor movie night called “Dinner & a Movie”, for the whole family, with themed drink and dinner specials under the twinkling lights in the outdoor patio.  To top it off, this Monday August 15th is the next monthly movie night showing The Royal Tenenbaums. Seating starts at 6pm and the movie begins at 8pm.  I don’t even have to think about this one –  I’m there and have already created a FB event to invite my friends.  Does it get any better than that?  Next time you’re in the #Eastside hood of Los Feliz wave over at PLG Estates Eastside from the street, take a peek inside Alcove and Big Bar… and we’ll see you there this Monday at 8pm for movie night!


Aaron and Sam – This is Why we do this Shit!!

Meet Aaron and Sam, simply put, two of the nicest (and coolest) clients PLG Estates -Eastside has the honor of working with. Here they are wide eyed and buzzing around uber Trendy Highland Park in search of “The One” and by golly I think we found it lurking down a backstreet and hidden from popular view was a Goddess of divine beauty with all the proverbial “Bells and Whistels” one could expect from said Goddess.

MORE importantly are Aaron and Sam!

There is nothing quite like that glint in a buyers eye when you feel they have played the card “We trust you, guide us”. It’s like a first kiss or a super chilled German Lager poured in a frosty glass on a hot Summers day after running..well….you get the picture and endless other analogies I could use. The point is, its a damn important moment! It makes you want to charge into battle, sword raised high, to seek only the highest and best results humanly possible. It puts a spring in ones step and pride in your heart, in the knowledge another human (or two) has placed their interests in your hands. With PLG, their trust is not misplaced, but graciously accepted, not in a hokey and corny way but in the way that we are now allies on a sometimes bumpy journey. Knowing we got your guys back(s) is an unspoken yet volumous statement that never needs to be uttered just felt. That, my dears, is the PLG way, and frankly the only way in our opinion, AND this is WHY we do this shit!!

Pix and words by Peter Lorimer

(Btw this is just our journal posts for more info on who we are go HERE)