BACKSTAGE PASS #37 – KEYNOTE – Southland Asc.Realtors Conference – Real Estate, Biz Dev & Technology

Peter is on a Summer tour of speaking engagements and he had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the recent Southland Asc. of Realtors summit held in Granada Hills on the outskirts of L.A. In his unusual “balls to the wall” style he did a sizzling pitch in his unique way on Biz Dev strategies with a Real Estate flavor harnessing all the power of social platforms. Pull up a chair, cool off and grab a cold lemonade and join the party. Enjoy!

BACKSTAGE PASS #36 – MEETING GARY VEE – A Vlog by a Dude working in Los Angeles Real Estate

BACKSTAGE PASS #36 – Meeting Gary Vee

Well the title is a give away on this episode of BSP as Peter and his mate Waleed, both avid GV fans, had the opportunity to see Gary speak and then managed to have a short personal one on one with the media king himself. It was a packed day and Peter discovered an area named “City of Industry” which unbeknownst to him is just outside LA. It was a packed day and you can come along for the ride with Peter & Waleed for the day!!

Backstage Pass #35 – Keynote – Media Creators Event – Strategies & Biz Dev with a Real Estate flavor

Backstage Pass #35 – Keynote – Media Creators Event – Strategies & Biz Dev with a Real Estate flavor.

In this episode Peter was invited to be the Keynote speaker at the Media Creators Event held in Monrovia Ca. The event brought talent from all over the Southern California area and Peter, in his usual, straight to the point manner, dropped a little experience and knowledge as to what it means to him to be a leading creator/business owner and how the two worlds collide. Enjoy!

BACKSTAGEPASS #34 “Pirates & Rollercoasters” PLG has Wild Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

BACKSTAGEPASS #34 “Pirates & Rollercoasters” In this episode the PLG family screams & trembles together as we take a day to hit Six Flags – Magic Mountain just outside LA. We capture some of the most hair raising moments as we loop the loop, fly through the sky and drop like a stone from hundreds of feet in the air! ‘Tis indeed a wild ride that we invite you to come along too!

BACKSTAGE PASS #33 – Media & Motivation Clinic – Recorded Live in Beverly Hills – Real Estate BizDev

BACKSTAGE PASS #33 – Media & Motivation Clinic – Recorded Live in Beverly Hills – This weeks Backstage Pass is a down and dirty media and motivation clinic that happened this past weekend in Beverly Hills. Peter breaks down techniques and strategies he deploys including how to shatter the shackles of being self conscious. Peter shows us the evolution of his very first video and just how uncomfortable he was but through persistence and determination allowed him to be a leader in the world of entrepreneurial video strategies.

BACKSTAGE PASS #31 – “Boutique is Better” Feat. Fashion Influencer & Youtuber @ThatsChic

BACKSTAGE PASS #31 – “Boutique is Better” Feat. Fashion Influencer & Youtuber @ThatsChic (Raychel Nguyen)

In this weeks episode we hang with influencer @Thatschic who has taken her social career as an influencer to the pinnacle of success working with the a veritable who’s who of the world of fashion. She attempts to “jushe” up Peter as Cindy and I spend the day with her (she is actually Cindy’s niece) and discuss the ever changing landscape of both our worlds that contain the same thread which is commerce is driven by having your own unique voice and she confirms that the globe has moved back to being driven by the voices of boutique companies in all facets of business.