BACKSTAGE PASS #29 – OUR FIRST Q & A EPISODE – Business Development & Real Estate Tips and Tricks

BACKSTAGE PASS #29 – BY POPULAR REQUEST OUR FIRST Q & A – This weeks BSP is our very first Q & A, we have been hit up by lots of our peeps and it’s our way to say thank you and we hear you ergo here is a longer BSP than usual as I do my best to meander through the delightful questions sent in. Which include….

What camera and lens do you recommend?
Is Snapchat dead?
What software do you recommend to edit?
When attracting agents what’s most important stats or culture?
Is it beneficial to hire a coach?

Amongst others. Strap in and grab a latte and enjoy our inaugural Questions and Answers Show.

BACKSTAGE PASS #28 – Hanging with Brandon Buhr at Los Angeles Grand Central Market – Real Estate

BACKSTAGE PASS #28 – Hanging with Brandon Buhr at Los Angeles Grand Central Market.

In this episode we go all urban on you and we visit the over 100 year old open air Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles to meet with super agent Brandon Buhr who is a loft specialist to rap over strong coffee and the best corned beef on rye West of the Hudson.

We chat about the evolution of DTLA and the residents and residences and the ever changing colorful landscape that in Downton Los Angeles. Pull up a chair and join us for lunch…

BACKSTAGE PASS #27 – Top 3 LENS’ & CAMERA FOR REAL ESTATE VLOGGING – Real Estate Tips & Techniques

BACKSTAGE PASS #27 – Top 3 Lens’ & Camera for Real Estate Blogging is a complete nerd out on what has taken Peter a LONG time to discover, which is the best rig for his real estate flavored vlogging exploits. However, the rig works equally well for vloggers filming in other styles and genres too. Peter breaks down the system he is now in LOVE with and why…….Enjoy!!

BACKSTAGE PASS #26 I AGENT CLOSE UP I Colin Benward I The mind of a creative in Real Estate

BACKSTAGE PASS #26 I AGENT CLOSE UP I Colin Benward I The mind of a creative in Real Estate. As a company we at PLG Estates tend to be a rather creative bunch as we lean much more toward the artistic side of our biz than boring old corporate side. In this episode we have an agent close up on Colin Benward who is a true creative having deep roots in music and song writing. Also a very successful agent at PLG Estates in Beverly Hills, Colin will share some of his thoughts, fears and ambitions in a ‘behind the scenes’ manner unique to him.

BACKSTAGE PASS #24 – How to Design & Stage a Home – Real Estate Tips & Strategy

BACKSTAGE PASS #24 – “How to Design & Stage a Home” – Another in our realty series that’s delivered in Peter’s high octane way. In this episode we dive deep into the best ways to design and prepare a home for sale as Peter goes through the A to Z of staging including the philosophy of design with a profound “before & after” reveal of he designers work.


Backstage Pass #22 – Vlogging using only an iphone is another lively tech jaunt with Peter as he delivers tips and tricks to enable you to capture near professional quality cinematic film in his vibrant overly caffeinated zing! In this episode we put the formidable Sony a6300 up against the Iphone 7 in a side by side test. PLUS we do a Rode Video Micro Vs the on board Iphone Mic side by side test. Check out the surprising results!!