Malibu Farm

Malibu… known as the land of star studded luxurious beachfront property.  Unforgettable cascading ocean views from 4th floor balconies of multi-million dollar compounds made of precariously placed architecture that decorate the nearby hills.  That is the general image in my mind of Malibu.  Though luxury is at the forefront or “beach”front of Malibu, there is an earthy conscientious mindset that is married to the beachside lifestyle.  Perhaps it’s the fact that red-carpet make-up and hair doesn’t do so well in the ocean or on a 10 mile hike.  

Whatever your motivation is to be body, health, food, community conscious Malibu Farm tick’s every box on the list.  Not to mention this quite humble restaurant is located right on the Malibu Pier.  You can soak in the vitamin D, catch the ocean breeze, watch the local surfers, and eat this delightful food at the same time.  

Malibu Farm “Fresh, Organic, Local” and that is exactly what it is.  Food made with passion, from the heart, with purpose that you can taste… and boy… is it delicious!  Helene Henderson the Founder/Chef/Creator of Malibu Farm started just a few years ago doing cooking classes out of her own back yard. Her story is an inspiration and her philosophy on food is one that is easily adopted, if there were just more places that provided the same care and quality of food served.  That is what makes Malibu Farm so unique.  

If you have the time to spend for a weekend brunch in Malibu, there is no better place to go.  There is usually a wait, but if you can plan ahead, make a reservation.  If you do end up having to wait, no need to worry at all as there full bar that serves specialty drinks as well as a coffee, and specialty tea menu.  I mean…!!!  I particularly enjoyed one of the specialty non-alcoholic beverages, the Turmeric Latte made with coconut milk. I strongly suggest that you really like turmeric if you decide to order this drink, but if you do, you will LOVE it… and of course to top it off it’s good for you!  As is practically everything you will eat at Malibu Farm.  Other delicious items from the menu pictured below are the cauliflower crust “pizza”, salmon, vegetable paella, beet quinoa, potatoes au gratin.   Also enjoyed but not pictured was the grilled chocolate cake (can you guess why it was not pictured?)… do not leave without ordering it… with ice cream.  They also have a special Thanksgiving dinner menu, if you should be looking for a place to spend your Holiday with family or friends, Malibu Farm is now taking reservations!