Whatever your “Art” Desires

Labor Day is officially behind us, and you better not be caught wearing white shoes! (Lol. Is that even a thing anymore?) Back to the grind, computer screens and fax machines. Luckily, the Holiday has made this week a short one. Though it seems like Summer is over, we technically have until the clock strikes 10:21am on September 22nd, 2016. So, get behind me Starbucks with today’s release of your deliciously tempting Pumpkin Spice latte. I’ll be drinkin’… watermelon, on a rooftop, poolside, while listening to Tame Impala in a bathing suit until my skin turns blue from the cold. Who am I fooling? This is Los Angeles, the land of sunshine and palm trees where cold weather is a myth. “Que lastima!”
I always find on these post holiday weeks that one can get a little restless to get out of the house or office, but not necessarily go “out”. I’ve got the perfect compromise. This Thursday September 8th, is the 2nd Thursday of the month which means it’s the Downtown Art Walk! The Downtown Art Walk is a nonprofit organization created to stimulate the community, culturally and economically. Most of the “walk” happens around Spring and Main streets between 2nd and 9th, 6-10pm. However, there is a lot of activity off of the beaten path as well (Find up to date Openings and Exhibitions on the “Curate LA” app!) .

An anticipated opening this Thursday is Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA Presents Peter Hutton In Memory, opening at 7pm $12 admission / $7 students. Peter Hutton was a true artist, cinematographer, and filmmaker known for capturing breathtaking city and land -scapes on film, and presenting them in silence. With over 30 open galleries in the central walk area, including restaurants and nightlife to follow… Get out this Thursday! Put on those white shoes! Get ‘em dirty and paint Downtown whatever color your “Art” desires.






Curate LA app


Speaking of Art →

This Saturday Sept 10th our very own MEW (Matthew Weinberg) is showing at:

Raw Sugar No. 1


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