It’s back to school for many this week, and there seems to an abundance of birthday’s through August and September.  Blame it on Holiday lovers.  That means it’s a busy time for families and often a scramble to decide “what are we going to do”.  Well you’re in luck!  The touring production of “Newsies” will be delivering performances this week at the utterly fascinating, art deco designed, historical, Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  Tickets are still available for shows from Aug. 30th – Sept. 4th and this is the 2nd time Newsies is back at the Pantages within months, due to high demand.  Tickets start at $35 so you don’t even have to break the bank!  Memories of Christian Bale’s magical silver screen song and dance performace of “Santa Fe” echo in my mind.   Childhood dreams and nostalgia for parents of all ages makes Newsies the kind of show that everyone can enjoy.  I was able to catch the recent showing of “Caberet” at the Pantages and I can tell you that I was extremely impressed.  Andrea Goss’ portrayal of Sally Bowles character was breathtaking at times bringing tears to our eyes.  Her refreshing performance was so inspiring, guests were leaving the theatre singing and dancing.  In an age where entertainment is so easily accessed through flat screens, laptops, ipads, tablets and phones it’s easy to forget about Theatre.  Well, Theatre is back!!  Tune out and tune in to the experience of a live performance that requires talent, skill, practice, blood, sweat and tears.  There are no photos or phones allowed in the Pantages Theatre… and believe me it is so hard to abide by that simple rule when there is an overwhelming amount of eye candy to snapchat.  Let me tell you though, it gives the mind a nice maybe much needed tech break.  For inspiration the whole family can enjoy, an pleasant escape from the daily onslaught of technology,  or a taste of nostalgia “Newsies” is in town to deliver a front page performance to write about.



Check out the website for upcoming shows including “The Monkees” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” ((a must see in November!!))

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