COMMISSARY at The Line Hotel

The Line Hotel in Koreatown is an inconspicuous destination that often falls under the typical LA Radar as it is still fairly new.  A collaborated creation from the boutique hotel Sydell Group along with The Houston Brothers (known for their exclusive themed LA bars: Break Room 86, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, No Vacancy, Dirty Laundry, Pour Vous, Harvard & Stone) Sean Knibbs design, chef Roy Choi (Koji BBQ) and many others.  Modern, minimal rooms reminiscent of Blade Runner and Fifth Element with impressive Hollywood views, may surprise one with the high level of comfort felt while drinking boxed water in a cement box.  So hip, “future now”.  The Line Hotel itself is a choice recommendation for work lodging, family stay, or even a birthday staycation.  Though I could go on and on about the hotel, the true point of this blog is to GUSH about COMMISSARY at The Line Hotel.


COMMISSARY provides a casual but adventurous-feeling, dining experience, in a Greenhouse located on the 2nd floor mezzanine of The Line Hotel.  The food is delicious, complete with complexity of flavors!  Every bite makes me visualize the smile of content on chef Roy Choi’s face in response to my and my friend’s apparent outward expression of satisfaction.  The depth of layered flavors is refreshing to the senses and not usual by any means, in the best connotation.  COMMISSARY has many healthy meats, and vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free choices on the menu to accommodate (all)-ivore’s.  We went with dishes recommended by our server and they were all so impressive to the palate that we wished we could try everything on the menu.  It is recommended to make a reservation, however there is a full bar with an extensive list of specialty drinks to choose from should you just drop-in and wait for a table.  The ambiance, bringing the outdoors in with the plant-life and glass exterior, all together makes dining at the COMMISSARY a highly recommended restaurant for all to explore.

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