Are You Cool Enough?? To Attend the 5th Echo Park Rising August 18 – 21

If you happen to be on the Eastside in Echo Park this weekend you will see hundreds of people walking the streets in and out of restaurants, bars and venues.  Well, find yourself a parking spot or hop out of your uber/lyft to join them!

This weekend is the 5th annual Echo Park Rising!


Echo Park Rising is 3 day crawl of live music played in stores, coffee shops, bars, streets, and venues along about a 1 mile stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park.  Events start as early as 10am this Thursday, August 18 and continue through to Sunday August 21st until after 12am!  Catch some interesting and popular, local and touring, talent you may or may not be aware of.  Don’t be afraid to sweat it out while you skip in and out of doors along Sunset as you won’t be alone.  With over 200 bands there will be plenty to see and you will most likely run into old friends, and will probably make some new ones!  If you need a break you could always hit Taco Zone or Lassen’s salad bar and walk one block away to the park for a picnic in the shade at Echo Park Lake.  Admire the super-rare slightly-stolen heirloom lotus flowers on a chill pedal-boat ride and don’t forget to snap a mandatory fountain-in-the-background selfie.  You may catch a rainbow!  I almost forgot to mention that it’s FREE and ALL AGES! Pokemon GO if you must to see live music, shop, eat, and have a drink (or two)!  I mean, get exercise while partying…?  That’s about as “LA” as it gets.

Bands to look out for :

Bleached : Sat 8:50pm – Liberty Stage

Feels : Sat 6:10pm Liberty Stage 

Laura Jean Anderson : Sun 6:40pm The Whisperer

Echo Park Rising Aug. 18 – 21






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