House of Worship / Saloma 



Blessed be all who enter here!

5229 Saloma Avenue, Sherman Oaks 

2169 Sq Ft/ 4 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 7540 Lot

Saloma boldly proclaims who she is with just a hint of rebellious teenager and a potent thimble of attitude. Not one to blend in Saloma “struts” her stuff with the confidence of an Amercian Idol contestant infusing more than a hint of the Baleric Islands and the palpable atmosphere of the Spanish isles to boot. Chillin’ at the the pool you almost feel like you could snap your fingers and a barely clad server would whip up your blended desires in an Ibiza minute. Not such as stretch as the owners are both from Europe and have managed to transplant their authentic vibe in a manner the same as a heart surgeon with his scalpal as do they with their taste.

As the light changes into the golden afternoon glow so does she, now playfully wrapping you in a softer side and with a downward dog breathe out connotation.  Open plan bliss with care and attention going into each corner of the home making Saloma your own personal national geographic volume. Make your pals gawk and ease into the groove as you sip on the perfectly chilled Pinot. Where are we again, oh yeah LA, that’s right, at Saloma she sends you to wherever you want to go with ‘blissed out’ state of mind as she she gives you a wink and a nod as she whispers – de nada!


Words Peter Lorimer

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