Secrets of the Illiminate – How to make lighting Epic and Glam! 

At PLG we do like to kick up a fuss and throw caution to the wind and have a glorious bedroom chandelier hanging boldly over a kitchen table in a just like this little ditty. We say bah humbug to the rules and conventional wisdom and a phrase I have often uttered is “One can never have too many chandeliers darling” frankly I would put one in the powder room, spare room and even pantry as you simply can not have enough!! (Can you ever get enough glam, I think not!!)

Anyway the point is following ones gut tends to be a bit of mantra for us so having a mash up of where the bedroom meets the kitchen is only where it begins and who knows where it ends but lighting is what makes a house sing either like Mariah or tone deaf six year old trying out for the school play but either way it’s goddamn noticeable so PLEASE never skimp on a homes earrings (that’s what we call lighting in the biz) as paste pearls NEVER look as good as the real thing if you catch my drift so go GLAM and be proud about it as in the case of lighting it can never be too bling!

Here are some more examples of lighting we at PLG give a big grin! LET THERE BE LIGHT (and fabulous GLAM)!!

Words by Peter Lorimer