A Journey Down a Caffinated Rabbit Hole known as – Wallpaper

We have a rather large design project at PLG coming up and we decided to do several rooms in wall coverings. Well…. It tums out the ‘making the decision to use wallpaper’ is the easy part! What followed was an unprecedented psycadelic, Alice in Wonderland, experience as my mind was exposed to an endless battering by deliciously creative musings from wallpaper artists, Yes Wallpaper artists (It’s a thing apparently).

Wallpaper, back in my day, echoed of hideous mathematical shapes in equally horrendous patterns that never seemed to work with…. Well….anything. I remember in the industrial North of England, where I grew up, that wallpaper was a cheaper alternative to paint and it could engulf large areas with annoying little geometrics that felt like a bad video game on acid. Thus I was scarred for life! ….or so I thought. Then a designer I was working with dragged the previously banned word of ‘Wallpaper’ out into the light and with it my attached preconceived childhood prejudices. My pulse quickened with anxiety as she dropped the first book on the table and I prepared myself for the worst…..then….

…..as I was shown the first page I was pleasantly surprised, it was not the dark scene from ‘The Shining’ I had been expecting, it was in fact the miraculous moment when ‘The Wizard of Oz’ transformed from black and white to glorious technicolor. With this unexpected delight I was reborn!! I now plundered the various books and catalogs in my designers possession, devouring each volume in the same manner a starving shipwrecked sailor devours their trapped meat. It was on! I began to deeply respect the artistry and undeniable creativity of the collections and a whole new world of interior design was upon me. Even the dreaded geometric shapes had seen a 21st century twist and were not just palatable but were joyus. From historical Asian motifs to frightfully Britsh foxhunting, from a perfect purple tartan to a soft angelic ‘animals of the kingdom’ scene and every imaginable variation between.

For your reference I have included the papers that made ‘the cut’ here in a crescendo of opulent endulgence and I could not be happier. It took a while to root them out but if you are looking to totally transform a room, and furniture and paint just are not enough, try pulling back your own Wizard of Oz curtain on a few wallpapers and I am sure you too will soon be living in full, glorious technicolor too!



Words and Pix by Peter Lorimer

(For recommendations of wallpaper vendors hit me up and I will be glad to spill the beans)

Nothin’ Butt Love for this Badass (Holder)


For an upcoming design project PLG needed to find the perfect chair that emotes both cool, hip and function with just the right amount of badass for your ass. Well ’twas BRUTAL trying to find the elusive cheek cuddlers and we had all butt (sorry could not resist) given up and resigned ourselves to a more homogenous design. When like a bolt of lightning, shimmering in stardust, hit us upside the head like a loose disco ball flying off its chain, we discovered these little beauties designed by ,none other, than the DemiGod known as Lenny Kravitz! Yes LENNY FREAKIN KRAVITZ YO!! So we ran out and test drive them immediately and took the snaps you see here.

Seeing as “Are you going to go my way” by Master Kravitz we all agreed is one of the landmark rock albums of memory this added a rich, sweet layer of desire to our decision with just the right hint of “dirty”we needed to push us over the edge and commit. Ergo ’tis done! and it does in fact seem that we are “Going to go your way” after all Lenny, well our butt cheeks are at least.

The chairs come in the smokey nickel finish and a brass finish too and both are endulgent to boot(y). And the leather is thick and hand finished and does not feel flimsy or like it will wear out or tear anytime soon. Plus the chairs have some weight to them which we all loved and welcomed.

You can find them at good ole’ CB2 for the jolly reasonable price of $350 each. Take them for a test drive yourself and see if you think they are as badass for your ass as we do!


Pix and Words by Peter Lorimer

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Aaron and Sam – This is Why we do this Shit!!

Meet Aaron and Sam, simply put, two of the nicest (and coolest) clients PLG Estates -Eastside has the honor of working with. Here they are wide eyed and buzzing around uber Trendy Highland Park in search of “The One” and by golly I think we found it lurking down a backstreet and hidden from popular view was a Goddess of divine beauty with all the proverbial “Bells and Whistels” one could expect from said Goddess.

MORE importantly are Aaron and Sam!

There is nothing quite like that glint in a buyers eye when you feel they have played the card “We trust you, guide us”. It’s like a first kiss or a super chilled German Lager poured in a frosty glass on a hot Summers day after running..well….you get the picture and endless other analogies I could use. The point is, its a damn important moment! It makes you want to charge into battle, sword raised high, to seek only the highest and best results humanly possible. It puts a spring in ones step and pride in your heart, in the knowledge another human (or two) has placed their interests in your hands. With PLG, their trust is not misplaced, but graciously accepted, not in a hokey and corny way but in the way that we are now allies on a sometimes bumpy journey. Knowing we got your guys back(s) is an unspoken yet volumous statement that never needs to be uttered just felt. That, my dears, is the PLG way, and frankly the only way in our opinion, AND this is WHY we do this shit!!

Pix and words by Peter Lorimer

(Btw this is just our journal posts for more info on who we are go HERE)